Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Lagos we See, is the future we’ll have… #Lasgidi

Lagos is seen in different perspective by different people. To some, it is the commerical hub of Nigeria, the city that never sleeps, the city of milk and honey. How do you see Lagos?
“I See Lagos” is a call to all Lagosians, wherever they are in the world, to join in a collective visioning of Lagos. No doubt, Lagos is more than a geographical space but a place for hopes, and a place where dreams can become reality.
This is a challenge to everyone who truly believe in the future of this great city to envision the Lagos they want to see. It is an opportunity for all outspoken Nigerians, Lagosians especially, to take up the call for change and make their dreams a reality through expression and networking.
To share your vision, visit: I SEE LAGOS or Join the FaceBook Group

“I see a Lagos were every thing works, where touts do not molest innocent civilians, where there is no traffic jam along Ikorodu road from morning till night, where there is water for the people of Ajegunle, roads in all rural areas, cheap housing for all not only civil servants.”  Obinna
“I see Lagos, where there’s a world class public library in every LCDA” Seun

“I see Lagos as the regional commercial hub drawing multinationals from far and wide the way Singapore has done in Asia and Athens has done in Europe. Business friendliness is the key to this dream. The attraction of a major international player will cause a ripple effect that will trickle down many levels (GDP, employment – direct or indirect etc). Lagos is a typical example of what Nigeria should be. Unfortunately, the rest of Nigeria is what Nigeria is. I am proud to be a Lagosian (by blood). We are pacesetters and will forever be the role model state for the rest of the country and West Africa.” Kabir
“I see Lagos powered with a solar panel on every home, offshore wind on the highland, public health, access to high speed broadband, innovative education and accessible healthcare at every ward…I see happy people spoilt with choices of transport. I see a shinning city with dreams kept alive” Oluseun
“I see Lagos turning into an atmosphere of rest and freedom and much laughter on the faces of children.” Layefa Olivia
“I see a Lagos where beauty, cleanliness, wide roads, jobs and micro businesses grow beyond the Lekki/Ajah axis to Ikorodu, Epe, Ogba…the whole of Lagos! Eko oni baje o!” Desola Bakare
“I see a METRO-LAGOS. I am beginning to feel BRF’s vision. Lots of GREENS background/natural waterways. If you miss the Lagos of the early 70s, you will surely love the way things are going. Once the train system is in place, every other thing will fall into place.” Charles Nkanga

“I see Lagos with no more moluwes at oshodi, no more agberos, and no more … Policemen collecting N20 at roadblocks.” Tolulope Akinsanmi
“I see a new Lagos where one can spend 30minutes to travel from island to Ikorodu, Agbado and Sango without any traffic anytime, anyday.” Ojedokun Gbenga
“I See a Lagos where Passengers can pay Conductors in DANFO with ATM.” Oladipo Fasoro.
“I see a lagos that is secure with more BRT buses to reduce traffic congestion.” Abisagbo Agnes Omolola
“I see Lagos where social amenities will be sufficient for all, where gap between the poor and the rich will be minimal” Arowolo David.

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